Christian Schmitt studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyon (France) and won the Premier Prix de Hautbois and the Diplôme Supérieur d’Etudes Musicales. Then he studied with Prof. Thomas Indermühle and was awarded the Künstlerische Abschlussprüfung of the Staatliche Musikhhochschule in Karlsruhe (Germany). Later, he perfected his technique with prestigious oboe masters such as Maurice Bourgue and Heinz Holliger.

  He performed as oboe soloist in 1986 in the Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne and in 1987 in the Orchestre Symphonique de Mulhouse-Opéra du Rhin. Since 1992 he has been solo oboist of the Sinfonieorchester Basel (Basel Symphony Orchestra ). In that year he was awarded first prize in music from the Fördergemeinschaft in Freiburg (European Cultural Foundation) He has also been requested to play with several orchestras such as the Orchestre Symphonique de la Suisse Romande, the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, the Orchestre National de France, the Südwestfunk Baden-Baden Sinfonieorchester, the Orchestre National de Russie, the Zürcher and Basler Kammerorchester, the Orchestre National de Lyon, the Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Lyon.  He has performed as a soloist under the baton of famous conductors such as Nello Santi, Armin Jordan, Marcello Viotti, Heinz Holliger, and Walter Weller.

  He also dedicates himself to the chamber music repertoire, notably with the Schweizer Bläserquintett and has taken part in numerous festivals: Montreux, Gstaad, Saint Moritz, Martigny-Champey and Prades. He recorded with the Chamber Orchestra Les Solistes de Lorraine, a CD

  of baroque concertos. A collaboration with the pianist Joseph Nykiel and with the Schweitzer Radio DRS 2 resulted in the production of two further CDs.: the first one entitled Hautbois Français dedicated to the twentieth-century French composers, and the second devoted to 19th-century romantic oboe pieces.

  He is at the cutting edge of contemporary creation for the oboe and different pieces have been written for him. In July 2005 he produced for the first time “Dialogues” by the French composer Vincent Paulet, and in January 2006 at Radio-France for the INA-GRM, “Spatio Intermisso Temporis” by the Italian composer Jacopo Baboni Schilingi for Christian Schmitt (hautbois) et live computer. Then in 2007, “Shore” was composed for him by the German composer Hans Tutschku for the Electro-acoustic Music Festival in Arc et Senans (France). In July 2009, he produced for the first time in the Town Hall of Birmingham (UK) the « Sonate pour hautbois et piano » written for him by the French composer Laurent Riou.

  Recently, Christian Schmitt has been tending more and more, and with great enthusiasm, towards a large range of educational activities. Every year he is invited for master-classes in the Conservatoires Nationaux Supérieurs de Musique in France, as well as in Europe and in North American and South East Asian universities. At the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Montbéliard (France) he has created a finishing class intended for French and foreign students following a professional curriculum.

  Since 2008 he has taught as a Professor in the Staatliche Musikhochschule in Stuttgart (Germany).

  He is a member of numerous juries of competitions for the French Conservatoires Nationaux Supérieurs and for German and Swiss Musikhochschule. He was also requested to serve as judge for the 2007 Gillet-Fox International Competition in Ithaca-New York (USA) and 2009 in Birmingham (UK),  and for the extremely prestigious ARD Oboe Competition in München (Germany).

  克里斯蒂安.施密特曾在里昂国立高等音乐学院学习并取得了一等奖和高等音乐教育学位。随后他随托马斯.英德缪勒Thomas Indermühle教授学习,并于卡尔斯鲁厄(德国)国立音乐学院获得了艺术家文凭。之后,他与一些很有威望的双簧管大师例如莫里斯.布尔格Maurice Bourgue和汉兹.霍利格尔Heinz Holliger学习使自己的技巧趋于完美。

  1986年,他作为双簧管首席在布列塔尼交响乐团演出,1987年在莱茵省米鲁兹歌剧院交响乐团演出。1992年以来,他曾任瑞士巴塞尔交响乐团双簧管首席。在此期间,他曾获得欧洲文化基金会颁发的音乐类一等奖,也曾受邀与一些交响乐团,如瑞士浪漫交响乐团Orchestre Symphonique de la Suisse Romande、苏黎世音乐厅管弦乐团Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich、法国国家交响乐团Orchestre National de France、西南广播电台巴登-巴登交响乐团Südwestfunk Baden-Baden Sinfonieorchester、瑞士国家交响乐团Orchestre National de Russie、苏黎世和巴塞尔室内管弦乐团Zürcher and Basler Kammerorchester、里昂国家交响乐团Orchestre National de Lyon、里昂歌剧团国家交响乐团Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Lyon。他曾在一些著名的指挥家执棒之下演出,如尼洛.桑蒂Nello Santi, 阿尔明.乔丹Armin Jordan,马尔切罗.维奥迪 Marcello Viotti, 汉兹.霍利格尔和沃特.维勒 Walter Weller。

  他也对室内乐做出了贡献,值得一提的有与瑞士铜管五重奏的合作、一些音乐节的参与,例如:蒙特罗Montreux、格施塔德Gstaad、圣莫里兹Saint Moritz、马尔提尼-尚贝Martigny-Champey和布拉德Prades。他与“洛林独奏家”室内乐团Chamber Orchestra Les Solistes de Lorraine合作录制了一张巴洛克协奏曲的CD。与钢琴家约瑟夫.尼基耶尔Joseph Nykiel和瑞士广播电台DRS 2合作的两张CD即将出版:第一张题为《法国双簧管》,献给20世纪法国的作曲家;第二张是19世纪浪漫派双簧管作品专题。

  他是双簧管当代作品创作的先锋,也有很多作品是为他而创作的。2005年7月他首演了法国作曲家文森.保莱创作的《对话》,2006年1月在法国广播电台为国家声音研究中心-音乐研究组(INA-GRM)再次演出了这首作品。意大利作曲家Jacopo Baboni Schilingi为克里斯蒂安.施密特和电子音乐创作的《Spatio Intermisso Temporis》。2007年,德国作曲家Hans Tutschku在法国阿尔克和瑟南电子音乐节时为他创作了《Shore》。2009年7月,他在英国伯明翰市政厅首演了法国作曲家罗韩.里欧为他创作的《双簧管钢琴奏鸣曲》。





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