Christopher Redgate

  Christopher Redgate is currently an AHRC Fellow in the Creative and Performing Arts at the Royal Academy of Music. As part of this fellowship he is developing new repertoire for the oboe, redesigning some of the keywork for the instrument in order to meet the challenges of the most demanding music written today and further developing a number of the extended techniques. New works are being written for the new oboe by Brian Ferneyhough, Michael Finnissy, Richard Barrett, Edwin Roxburgh and Sam Hayden and the instrument is being built by Howarth of London.

  Since the late 1970s Christopher Redgate has specialised in the performance of contemporary oboe music. He has been described as having ‘extraordinary exploratory technical brilliance’ (Music Web) and of being a 'tireless champion' of extended techniques (Double Reed Magazine). This specialisation has inspired many composers to write for him (examples include Michael Finnissy, Roger Redgate, Christopher Fox, James Clarke, Paul Archbold, Michael Young, Fabrice Fitch, Joe Cutler and David Gorton) and as a result he has given premiere performances of a great number of works.

  His performing career has taken him all over the world as a soloist, or in ensembles; he has performed in most European countries, Scandinavia, Australia, America, Canada, Mexico and China. He has worked with many ensembles including Ensemble Exposé, Suoraan, Trio Krosta, Kreutzer Quartet, Arditti Quartet, Firebird Ensemble, Music Projects/London, Lontano, Ensemble Modern, the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble, Ixion, Apartment House, Topologies, London Sinfonietta and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

  He has been active as a teacher both of oboe and in workshops for composers. From 1986 to 1992 he was Professor of oboe at the International New Music Course in Darmstadt. Recent teaching events have included oboe classes at the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, Royal Northern College of Music, Birmingham Conservatoire, The Royal Welsh College of Music and Kingston University.

  Composition workshops (writing for oboe) have been presented at Kings College London, Huddersfield University, Goldsmith’s College, Kingston University, and Birmingham Conservatoire and in workshops run by the SPNM and the BMIC.

  He broadcasts regularly for BBC Radio Three and has several solo CDs. His most recent release, Greatest Hits of All Time with Ensemble Exposé and the Kreutzer Quartet (Metier) has received critical acclaim. Other Recordings include Ferneyhough Chamber Music with Ensemble Expose (Metier) and Roxburgh Oboe Music (Metier), Oboe+ :Berio and beyond (Oboe Classics), Lost Lands (The music of Michael Finnissy) (Metier), and Pasculli: the Paganini of the Oboe (Oboe Classics). With the composer Paul Archbold he has recently recorded and written research and teaching material: Multiphonics and the Oboe which is now available on the PRIMO website (funded by Kingston University). 

  He has contributed three articles to an edition of Contemporary Music Review and is working on a book on the interpretation of contemporary oboe music and contributing a chapter in a new book on the music of Michael Finnissy.

  Chris studied at Chethams' School of Music and the Royal Academy of Music where Richard Morgan and Evelyn Barbirolli taught him. During his time at the Royal Academy he won a several prizes and represented the Academy in a number of concerto performances. A number of prizes in international competitions marked the beginning of his professional performing career. www.christopherredgate.co.uk

  With the composer Paul Archbold he has recently recorded and written research and teaching material: Multiphonics and the Oboe which is now available on the PRIMO website (funded by Kingston University).

  克里斯托弗.雷德盖特Christopher Redgate目前是英国皇家学院创意及表演艺术研究员研究奖金获得者。作为次奖金的获得者,她发展丰富了新的双簧管曲目,重新设计了乐器的一些关键部位,一遍应对当今创作的大多数高难度乐曲和未来一些扩展技术发展的挑战。布里安.芬尼豪赫Brian Ferneyhough、迈克尔.范尼西Michael Finnissy、理查德.巴瑞特Richard Barrett、爱德文.罗克斯博格Edwin Roxburgh和萨姆.海登Sam Hayden已经为这款新型的乐器创作了新的作品,此款乐器已由伦敦豪沃思公司(Howarth)生产出来。

  20世纪70年代末,克里斯托弗.雷德盖特已成为双簧管当代音乐演奏专家。他被称为“卓越的华丽技巧探寻者(《音乐网》)”和“扩展技巧不知疲倦的冠军(《双簧乐器杂志》)”。这样的殊荣曾经吸引了很多作曲家为他创作(如迈克尔.范尼西、罗杰.雷德盖特Roger Redgate、克里斯托弗.福克斯Christopher Fox、詹姆斯.克拉克James Clarke、保罗.阿奇博尔德Paul Archbold、迈克尔.杨Michael Young、法布里斯.费驰Fabrice Fitch、乔.卡特勒Joe Cutler和大卫.高登David Gorton)于是他便为这些大量的作品进行首演。

  他作为独奏家或乐团成员的演出生涯使他行遍了全世界;他曾在大多数的欧洲国家、斯堪的纳维亚、澳大利亚、美国、加拿大、墨西哥和中国演出。他曾与众多的音乐团体合作过,包括Exposé重奏团、Suoraan、克罗斯塔三重奏(Trio Krosta)、克罗伊策四重奏(Kreutzer Quartet)、阿尔迪提四重奏(Arditti Quartet)、火鸟重奏团(Firebird Ensemble)、伦敦音乐项目(Music Projects/London)、Lontano合唱团、现代重奏团(Ensemble Modern)、匹兹堡新音乐团(Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble)、伊克西翁(Ixion)、Apartment House、拓扑现代乐团(Topologies)、伦敦交响乐团(London Sinfonietta)和英国广播公司苏格兰交响乐团(BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra)。



  他定期为英国广播公司第三电台录制节目。也已出版了几张个人专辑。他的最新专辑,与Exposé重奏团和克罗伊策四重奏合作的《Greatest Hits of All Time》得到了评论界的高度赞赏。其它专辑包括与Exposé重奏团合作的《芬尼豪赫室内音乐Ferneyhough Chamber Music》(美思唱片Metier)和《罗克斯堡双簧管音乐Roxburgh Oboe Music》(美思唱片)、《双簧管+贝里奥与超越Oboe+ :Berio and beyond》(古典双簧管唱片Oboe Classics)、《失去的土地Lost Lands》(迈克尔.范尼西作品)(美思唱片)、《帕斯库里:双簧管的帕格尼尼Pasculli: the Paganini of the Oboe》(古典双簧管唱片)。






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