The Press Conference of the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Central Conservatory of Music Holds in CCOM



On the morning of October 27, 2015, the Press Conference of the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Central Conservatory of Music was held at lecture hall 501 of teaching building in CCOM. The conference was hosted by the Vice President of CCOM Zhou Haihong. The President of CCOM Wang Cizhao made the keynote speech. School leaders and the person in charge of the Celebration in all departments of school attended the conference. Over 30 media reporters from newspapers, television stations, and internet media joined the Press Conference. The media companies included People's Daily, Guang Ming Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily, China Culture Daily, Beijing Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, People's Music (Journal), Music Weekly, Music Life, Beijing Television,,,,,, etc.


In his talk, President Wang addressed first that the main purpose of this celebration is to review and summarize the past and present. We also look forward to the wonderful future of our school through this academic event. Then, President Wang introduced the schedule, features and highlights of this celebration event. 


In the press conference, the Director of the President's Office Zhao Hai introduced the full preparations for the celebration. The Deputy Chairwoman of Chinese Instruments Department Zhang Hongyan introduced the special concert of Chinese instruments orchestra at December 1 in the National Centre for the Performing Arts. She also introduced other academic activities of Chinese instruments department during the celebration. The Chairman of Orchestral Instruments Department Zhao Ruilin introduced their department's special concert in NCPA and other activities for the celebration. The Chairwoman of Voice and Opera Department Zhang Liping introduced the upcoming opera Lucia di Lammermoor.


In the next session, the attendees answered the questions raised by the reporters. In the end of the conference, the President Wang emphasized that the aim of this 75th Anniversary Celebration is to develop Chinese musical culture and make efforts to achieve our China Dream.




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