Central Conservatory Chinese Orchestra Celebration Concert Held Successfully in NCPA

On the evening of October 1st, 2015, the Central Conservatory Chinese Orchestra Celebration Concert was held in the Concert Hall of National Centre for the Performing Arts. It was one of the most important concerts of the 75th Anniversary Celebration series. The guests of the Celebration, a number of government officials, school leaders, the representatives of top music school at home and in abroad, and many alumni from all over the world attended the concert.


The programme of the concert consisted of two Chinese orchestra compositions and four concertos with Chinese orchestra. These are important contemporary compositions composed by the teachers and alumni of the Central Conservatory of Music. The two Chinese orchestra compositions were Mount Awa for Chinese traditional orchestra, composed by Guo Wenjing and Northwest Suite for Chinese traditional orchestra, composed by Tan Dun. The four concertos were:


Hustle and Bustle-Concerto for Chinese percussion, composed by Li Minxiong. The drum leader was Wang Jianhua.


Blossom in the Field-bamboo flute concerto, composed by Hao Weiya. The soloist was Dai Ya who was also the bamboo flute solo of this composition's world premiere.



King Chu Doffs His Armour-pipa concerto, composed by Zhou Long. The orchestration of this composition is based on a compilation of Pudong-style ancient music by Mr. Lin Shicheng. The soloist was Zhang Hongyan.



Calling for Phoenix-suona concerto, composed by Qin Wenchen. The soloist was Guo Yazhi.



The Great Wall Caprice-erhu concerto, composed by Liu Wenjin. The  soloist was Yu Hongmei.



The concertos were accompanied by the Central Conservatory Chinese Orchestra, which included 28 famous alumni of CCOM from all over the country and Singapore. The renowned conductor and class of '87 alumni Peng Jiapeng conducted the first half of the concert. And the second half was conducted by the renowned conductor and class of '77 alumni Wang Fujian.


As the first important concert of 75th Anniversary Celebration of CCOM, the concert showed the strength of CCOM with carefully selected repertoire and a strong line-up of Chinese instruments players and conductors. It was also reflected the principal of this anniversary celebration to focus on the display of academic accomplishments. The successful conclusion of this concert was also a recognition on CCOM's achievements of musical teaching, composing, and performing aspects during decades.   




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